“Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. They are the currency of human contact.” —Robert McKee

Every country has its own distinct styles of filmmaking, but I’m particularly fond of French cinema. It’s not an elitist thing; my favourite French films are mostly slapstick comedies that even a non-fluent French speaker such as myself can enjoy. So I was rather disappointed that the French film I actually appear in was only shown on television. However I do still have an idea for a screenplay that I may develop one of these days.

Robinson Crusoë (2003)

Deux frères (screenplay)
A love triangle between two brothers and the daughter of white émigrés who become friends in childhood. The story takes place primarily over the course of the fourth republic (1946-1958), with political events visible in the background but not central to the story. The jazz soundtrack is contemporary to the period, and the recurring melody is Midnight in Moscow.


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