The Poor Man’s Ferrari California?

22 Oct


Following on from an attempt to compare the Triumph GT6 to the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, here’s an even bigger stretch: comparing the Toyota 86 (also known as the Scion FRS and the Subarau BRZ) to the outgoing Ferrari California (replaced by the California T).

Just as the GT6 has half the cylinders of the GTO, the 86 has half the cylinders of the California. However, it has a lot more in common than the previous comparison. The dimensions are not wildly different. The displacement per cylinder, compression ratios and specific output are quite close. Of course the Ferrari has about two and a half times the power and torque, but that means you are less likely to wrap it around a tree.

Ok, so driving a Toyota doesn’t give quite the same bragging rights as driving a Ferrari, but you look a lot less foolish stuck in traffic in the former.

Toyota 86 / Ferrari California
Wheelbase              : 101 in                      105 in
Track front            : 60 in                       64.2 in
      rear             : 61 in                       63.2 in
Length                 : 166.7 in                    179.6 in
Width                  : 69.9 in                     75.1 in
Height                 : 50.6 in                     52 in
Length:wheelbase ratio : 1.72                        1.83
Kerb weight            : 3682 lb                     3825 lb
Fuel capacity          : 13.2 US Gal                 20.6 US Gal
Bore x stroke          : 3.39 in x 3.39 in           3.7 in x 3.05 in
Cylinders              : boxer 4                     V8 in 90 degree V
Displacement           : 121.93 cu in                262.22 cu in
Type                   : double overhead cam         double overhead cam
Compression ratio      : 12.5:1                      12.2:1
Fuel system            : direct petrol injection     direct petrol injection
Maximum power          : 197 bhp @ 7000 rpm          483 bhp @ 7750 rpm
Specific output        : 1.62 bhp/cu in              1.84 bhp/cu in
Maximum torque         : 151 ft-lb @ 6500 rpm        372ft-lb @ 5000 rpm
bmep                   : 187 psi                     214.2 psi
Bore/stroke ratio      : 1                           1.21
Unitary capacity       : 499.5 cc per cylinder       537.13 cc per cylinder
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