The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Grams

18 Jun

“I wanted Hitchhiker’s to sound like a rock album. I wanted the voices and the effects and the music to be so seamlessly orchestrated as to create a coherent picture of a whole other world – and I said this and many similar sorts of things and waved my hands around a lot, while people nodded patiently and said ‘Yes, Douglas, but what’s it actually about?’” —Douglas Adams

Sound Tracks listing – the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Journey of the Sorcerer (One of these Nights, The Eagles)
Lonato (A Modern Mass for the Dead, Ligeti)
Melodien (Ligeti)
Volumina (Ligeti)
A Rainbow in Curved Air (Terence Riley)
Poppy No-good and the Phantom Band (Terry Riley)
Another Green World
Over Fire Island
Wind on Water (Evening Star, Fripp and Eno)
Cachaca (Patrick Moraz)
Kotakomben (Einsteig, Gruppe Between)
Volkstanz (Einsteig, Gruppe Between)
Space Theme (Yamashta, Stomu Yamashta)
Oxygene (Jean Michel Jarre)
That’s Entertainment
Miracles of the Gods (In Search of Ancient Gods, Absolute Everywhere)
Mikrophoniet (Stockhausen)
The Engulfed Cathedral (Snowflakes are Dancing, Iso Tomita)

Artist(s) Title Album/Source
The Eagles Journey of the Sorcerer
Terry Riley Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band A Rainbow in Curved Air
György Ligeti Lontano

A Modern Mass for the Dead
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno Over Fire Island
Wind on Water Another Green World
Evening Star
Patrick Moraz Cachaca
Gruppe Between Kotakomben
Volkstanz Einstieg (LP)

Stomu Yamashta Space Theme Yamashta
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene
That’s Entertainment The Band Wagon (1953, MGM)
Absolute Everywhere Miracles of the Gods In Search of Ancient Gods (LP release from TV special)
Stockhausen Mikrophoniet
Iso Tomita The Engulfed Cathedral Snowflakes are Dancing

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