Citizen Wayne

18 Jun

“Much is written about the Batman because he is publicly exposed in print. Very little is known personally about his creator, because I haven’t given out that many interviews.” —Bob Kane

Tim Burton’s Batman has many parallels to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, so many in fact that it’s surprising no-one has made the comparison before.

The story and original screenplay were written by Sam Hamm who had previously written the screenplay for Never Cry Wolf. Warren Skaaren, who had previously written the screenplay for Fire With Fire, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Beetlejuice, was brought in to work on later revisions of the screenplay.

The Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May 1939. Two years later on May 1st, Citizen Kane had its premier at the Palace Theatre in New York City.

opening logo is a close up sculpture

camera at jaunty angles

the news conference (Harvey Dent)

Knox (the reporter) and the news room

pan up the building (to the crime boss conference)

use of mirrors

the room full of armour (xanadu)

dinner (the long table)

newspaper headlines (spin outs)

belfry scene (gargoyles + down stairwell view)

long single tracking shots

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