WiReD != M2k

15 Feb

“The techno-elite are perhaps the only group advantaged by the new economy. They will be the new lords of the terrain in a Dickensian world of beggars and servants. Just because they think of themselves as hipsters doesn’t mean we should expect them to share the wealth.” — R. U. Sirius

I am currently trying to collect the complete set of Mondo 2000. The successor to High Frontiers and Reality Hackers, M2k was an independently financed magazine published in San Francisco from 1989 to 1998. There were 17 issues in all and a book, The User’s Guide To The New Edge, which Albert Finney can be seen reading in Dennis Potter’s Karaoke. It was published sporadically during much of its life and whenever I happened to be in Forbidden Planet in Cardiff and they happened to have a new issue in stock, I bought it. You may not have heard of it.

But you have heard of WiReD. Also started in San Francisco, in 1993, WiReD is M2k without the heart. I was going to go into a lot of detail on why I feel that way but what it comes down to is that, to the best of my knowledge, M2k never carried a three page fold-out advert for Lexus.


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