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01 Feb

“Just because I wrote it, just because it’s got my name on it, you mustn’t think I actually believe a word of it.” —Peter Cook

The Beaverbrook sketch from Beyond the Fringe comes to mind whenever I post anything on the Internet. My views have changed considerably since my first post to Usenet, but until the Earth is consumed by the dying Sun that post will still be kicking around on some server somewhere, even if there’s no-one left alive to read it.

So, with that cheery thought in mind, welcome to the public face of me. I reserve the right to contradict myself, to misquote, to offend, to be wrong, to bend, spindle, and mutilate the truth in pursuit of my cause, to channel the spirits of Hemingway and Thompson, and to generally self aggrandize. You have been warned.

This is not a web log. It has more in common with 10 Zen Monkeys. It’s just that I gave up using other tools to publish my website. iWeb was too bandwidth heavy, Google Sites is utterly inaccessible, and Blogger seemed a reasonable alternative (until I decided to give up Google and moved the whole shebang over to WordPress). The posts to the Home section are just drafts of things that could be turned into full length magazine articles. Feel free to commission me, or wait until I get Byte High No Limit off the ground. The other sections provide a little more background on me and some of my other projects. Everything on this site either copyright me, used under fair use, or appropriated from Bart Nagel.

As Felix Dennis said: “In life it is easier to apologise afterwards than to ask permission first.” Although apologising hasn’t worked out too well for me in the past so these days I’m going with the advice of Wayne Dyer who said: “Never defend, never explain.”

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